Flo’s Clam Shack, Newport, Rhode Island

Red Velvet Heaven on a Bun

Flo’s Clam shack in Newport, Rhode Island is without a doubt one of the top 10 Seafood experiences I have ever had.  There is a reason it has been featured on countless food shows and most recently on Food Networks “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”.  When you walk in it is nothing fancy that’s an automatic plus, a true clam shack should NEVER be fancy.

Upon opening the doors you are immediately smacked in the face with the sweet salty smell of boiling, steaming lobster.  Behind the order counter is a wave of steam rising in the air from the countless pots on stoves.  The kitchen reminded me of someones kitchen in their home not a restaurants kitchen, again a huge plus for a true New England Clam Shack.  Service was very prompt however be warned when you walk up to the bar to order,  they only take cash also be warned that everything here is fresh.  If it didnt come in that day or they ran out too bad you wait until tomorrow.   We ran into that issue with a few things we wanted to order most notably the Wellfleets Oysters and Little Neck Steamer clams.    In the end we decided to order what they are famous for the Lobster Roll.  I have had Lobster Rolls all over and for the most part have never been that impressed, with the exception of one little dive in Plymouth Massachusetts  they had all been nothing but a bun with a tiny bit of some Lobster scraps mixed with an ungodly amount of mayo and tons of lettuce.   When they called our order and we walked up to grab our food (No waiters in this place you get it your own damn self,  another really good sign) I saw the size of the Lobster roll and my only reaction was.

“Jesus Christ, look at that!!”

Maybe not a good thing to do since I was with my uncle who is fairly religious  (Love You Joe, I still feel bad.)

The Lobster Roll

Served to me on of all things a paper plate was a mound of red deliciousness the likes of which I have never seen.  Easily a pound of the chunkiest reddest Lobster meat you could dare dream of,  I could easily make out bits of claw and joints (my favorite part) This wasnt processed chopped up unrecognizable mush some unscrupulous chef would serve so he can slip in a little crab with a K to increase profits,  no this was easily 1 if not 1 1/2 full lobsters, tails, joints claws and all roughly chopped and laid on a bun (a very small bun at that)  .  The next best thing,  it wasn’t swimming in mayonnaise in fact there was no mayonnaise they leave it up to you and put it on the side.  Instead the Lobster meat is simply seasoned with a little salt and pepper and that’s it as it should be.  Served with mayo, lettuce, lemon wedge and fries on the side.   The taste was exactly how Lobster should taste,  it was perfectly cooked so there was just a little resistance when biting into it but not too much, like a perfectly cooked Al Dente pasta.  The seasoning was spot on with just enough salt to bring out the sweetness of the meat.  This is why it pains me to live in a land locked state sometimes because this is truly a food experience that you could only have close to fresh seafood.   For $14.95 you could not ask for anything better.  Any other restaurant for that amount of Lobster meat would easily charge $25 if not more.   I guess the only negative thing I have to say about this place is the bun was much too small for the enormous serving of “Poor mans Chicken” (my New England family should be proud of that one.)

Flo’s Clam Shack


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